Beth Paulson

Beth Paulson

Travel Consultant

Born and raised in Port Alberni. I have been a travel consultant at Twin Travel since 2007. In that period, being a true people-person, I enjoyed making

dream of a lifetime trips together, whether I have traveled throughout North America, Asia, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific Islands.

I have numerous certifications from many tour operators and cruises lines, including Disney and Collette Vacations. Some of my favourite travel experiences have been walking the Great Wall of China, strolling along the white sand beaches of the Mayan Riviera, watching the sunset while sipping sparkling wine on Montego Bay. I have also taken many continuing education courses for various suppliers in the travel industry to keep up with the knowledge.I love a challenge, being a true people person I enjoy making travel dreams come true. From all-inclusives, tour packages, to putting the pieces of a dream of a lifetime trip together. Whether it be for a single person, couple or group. I’ve organized several wedding groups.

I think of putting a trip together like building a sandwich, with the flights between the bread and working our way into the centre.

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